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Professional Shoulder Devil

...since 1983

not your parents' opera
if you don't hate me yet, just wait around. sooner or later you'll want me to lie to you, and i do not lie.

Let all who read these words know: We are a nation of women, dedicated to our sisters, to our gods, and to the peace that is humankind's right. Granted life by Gaea, the goddesses, and the souls of women past, we have been gifted with the mission to unite the people of our world with love and compassion.

Man has corrupted many of the laws our gods set forth. So, in their wisdom, the goddesses did create a race of female warriors dedicated to the ideals of uniting all peope, all sexes, all races, all creeds. No longer will man rule alone, for now woman stands as an equal to temper his aggression with compassion, lend reason to his rages, and overcome hatred with love.

We are the Amazons, and we have come to save mankind.

OkCupid probed me.
I, philoticjane, am:
    more literary,
    less trusting,
    more adventurous
    and hornier
than most.
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